Quick Tip: Are you ready to race?

Posted by on Jul 18, 2019 in Exercises, Health and Wellness, Stretches

The San Francisco Marathon is nearly here! Are you ready? If you need support to get the most out of your last training days, we’re here to help. Our clinical team works with runners preparing for events all year round. And we love offering pre-race sports massage to help increase range of motion, prevent injury, and reduce recovery time. If you have questions about how bodywork can support your goals for the marathon, just give our intake specialists a call!

In the meantime, we’re sharing a great runner’s warm-up from our library of Quick Tips: Frog Pose. Drawn from Kundalini yoga practices, this dynamic exercise helps to increase blood flow and prepare the whole body to run. It’s also a great way to introduce a jolt of energy into a long work day. Check it out, let us know how you feel, and keep us updated on how your training’s going!