Quick Tip: Are your hips tight?

Posted by on Mar 26, 2015 in Health and Wellness, Stretches


You probably already know that tight hamstrings and IT bands can cause seemingly unrelated referral pain in the knee, hip, and plenty of other places as well. That’s why it’s so important to show our legs love by listening to some advice from Psoas therapist Michael Ward. Michael recommends the series of stretches included in this Quick Tip for his clients who have issues with their knees and hips, or just generalized tightness in their legs.

This series of stretches gets some pretty serious work done, so it’s best not to do it more than twice a week. Set yourself up lying comfortably on your back with a yoga strap, belt, or tie looped around the outside of your foot. Taking your time, follow along with Michael to get a deep stretch in the hamstring, IT band, and groin. If you’re shaking, ease up! After going through the stretches on one side, switch legs and repeat. If you experience any pain, stop and give us a call. And as always, let us know how it goes!