Quick Tip: Do you need to recover from the slopes?

Posted by on Mar 7, 2017 in Bodywork Techniques, Exercises, Stretches

We love helping you hit the slopes harder and recover more quickly — whether it's hands-on in the clinic or through these Quick Tips. Hopefully you enjoyed the benefits of our dynamic stretches before heading to the mountains, and as a result, need to spend even less time in recovery. Still, in this final edition of our snow sports series, we're sharing a compilation of static stretches to target the muscles snowboarding and skiing put to work — and often leave sore. 

From that hard-to-reach lower part of your calf, to your sore feet from ski boots, these stretches get at muscles we often neglect in our daily routines. Throw in some basic quad, hamstring, glute, and psoas stretches from our youtube channel, and see how quickly your soreness fades. And for next winter, know you can consult this handy snow series playlist we compiled for you!

Of course, our skilled clinical team is here to work out those remaining sore muscles, and to keep you in top shape for the rest of this beautiful and long ski season.

Static Stretches for Snow Recovery