Quick Tip: Do you want to give the gift of movement?

Posted by on Dec 19, 2018 in Discounts, Gifts, Health and Wellness, Stretches, Workshop

Winter sometimes inspires a turning inward, even a sense of stasis. So, as the days get shorter, we want to keep sharing all the self-care tools we can. Right now, we’re especially focused on bringing healthy movement into your life — the kind that still allows for rest and recovery. Here are a few special offers we designed with that goal in mind:

  • Schedule a December session to get 15% off your appointment and 15% off any gift certificates for the people you love. Bodywork is an amazing gift for yourself and others — a way to open up where there’s restriction, and to activate areas of the body in hibernation.
  • Come check out our new therapeutic CBD products — including a gift bag with sports recovery salve, lavender bath bomb, and lip balm. We’re using these products to help reduce pain and move more freely, and we hope you will too. 
  • Sign-up for Stretch. Strengthen. Run. In this special workshop on 1/10, you’ll learn holistic strategies — from a PT, chiropractor, nutritionist, and Psoas therapists — for optimizing lower body movement.

And, as usual, we’re here to listen. Just let us know how we can support your movement and wellness goals for the rest of this year, and into the new one.