Quick Tip: Does your lower body need some care this season?

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018 in Bodywork Techniques, Exercises, Gifts, Health and Wellness, Stretches, Workshop

At Psoas, we’ve become known for supporting your goals with bodywork. And for always seeking out new tools to educate and support you, in and outside of your sessions. For our many athletic clients, understanding the complex systems at play when we run — or jump, kick, dance, and walk — is one crucial tool. Because this understanding is powerful. It can help you prevent injury and make huge strides towards your performance goals — whether you’re working up to a mile a day, or preparing for the Olympic trials.

That’s why we’ve designed something special, a workshop built for the many clients who come to Psoas to optimize the function of their lower bodies. It’s our way of sending you into the new year with the tools you need to move with more ease and power:

Stretch. Strengthen. Run.
A workshop on lower body movement
Thursday, 1/10
5:30pm – 8:30pm

Drawing on the expertise of our clinical team, we’ve built this program to support runners, cyclists, soccer players, dancers, and movers of many other kinds – including passionate walkers! Join us to learn holistic strategies — from a PT, chiropractor, nutritionist, and Psoas therapists — for keeping the lower body healthy, flexible, and powerful.

Check out the details and sign-up below. And, of course, let us know if you have questions about how this plays into your current treatment plan!


Stretch. Strengthen. Run.
A workshop on lower body movement

This workshop — designed and hosted by the Psoas clinical team — will offer you understanding and concrete tools to help optimize lower body movement. Learn more and sign-up here!

5:30-6:15: Lower Extremity Strengthening with Dr. Tony Comella

Tony is a licensed physical therapist with a specialty in athletic strengthening and conditioning. In this segment, he will teach foundational lower body strength exercises to incorporate into your routine — improving athletic performance and reducing future injury risk.

6:15-7: Foam Rolling with Dr. Katherine McCarty

Katherine is a chiropractor and member of the Psoas clinical team. In this segment, she will demonstrate basic foam rolling techniques of the lower extremities and how these simple methods enhance an athlete’s response to pelvic and lumbar spine adjustments.

7-7:45: Bodywork and Stretching Techniques with Psoas Therapists

In this segment, a number of Psoas therapists will demystify the bodywork modalities that best serve athletes. They’ll also share best practices around how to integrate stretching and other self-care techniques with manual therapy – and how this can make it an even more powerful tool.

7:45-8:30: Anti-Inflammatory Eating for Optimal Movement with Karyn Duggan

Karyn is a celebrated nutrition consultant and natural chef. In this segment, she will offer education around anti-inflammatory foods, and how using them can help support all of your movement and physical activity.