Quick Tip: Does your vestibular system need a reset?

Posted by on Aug 8, 2018 in Exercises, Health and Wellness, Stretches

If you’ve ever struggled with balance, you know how crucial it is for your well-being. And since the vestibular system helps regulate this important function, we’re always excited to find new ways of supporting it.

In this week’s Quick Tip, Jenny Lightstone offers a move to bolster that precious system of balance — and maintain healthy movement of the spine, too! This exercise is drawn from the Original Strength program, which offers a progressive reset of all developmental stages of movement. You can practice it as part of the full Original Strength program, or incorporate it into your personal stretching routine. It makes for a great break from your desk, or a gentle core warm-up before working out. Give it a shot, and let us know what you notice!