Quick Tip: Have you heard of dynamic stretching?

Posted by on Aug 27, 2015 in Exercises, Stretches

Most of you are familiar with the most commonly taught stretching called static stretching, where you get into the position and hold for 10 seconds, up to 5 minutes or more. We love it when done correctly and at the right time. Dynamic stretching is a fantastic alternative and addition to static stretching, and we have been diving head first into learning it and teaching it at Psoas.

We especially like this type of stretching as the warm-up to exercise, and we’ll be sharing a series of these warm-ups in the next couple weeks for you to incorporate into your pre-activity routine. In the first video this week, Psoas therapist Alex Brown explains the concept behind dynamic stretching, and why it’s beneficial. In the second video, she gets you started with the Toe Swipe, a great dynamic stretch to warm-up your hamstrings and calves.