Quick Tip: Keeping the Lower Back Flexible

Posted by on May 14, 2014 in Stretches

Are you running, partying or hiding from Bay to Breakers this weekend?! It’s going to be one wild time, no matter your level of participation. …athletes racing the streets of San Francisco, partiers racing to obliteration, and innocent bystanders racing to get out of the way! Whether you are participating in B2B, or doing your own thing this weekend, we all can use some tips on helping out the ol’ hard working back.

Here at Psoas, we like to be ahead of the game. Treat yourself to some post work and/or pre workout back love with this week’s Quick Tip brought to you by Psoas therapist, Ryan Saldivar.

This is another exercise/stretch that is helpful for just about anyone. It gets so many different muscles that can all lead to lower back pain if they are tight.

This exercise will loosen the spine in the lower back and ease stress in the hips. Try it if you have any tightness in your lower back or hips. You’re bound to feel a difference.

And as always, if there is any sharp pain, please discontinue and contact us.