Quick Tip: Looking for more balanced shoulder mobility?

Posted by on Jul 10, 2017 in Bodywork Techniques, Exercises, Health and Wellness, Psoas Deskinetics, Stretches

Last week, we brought you part one of an Active Isolated Stretch for the rotators of the shoulder. This week, we're bringing you part two: a stretch that works with the shoulder in its external rotation to stretch its internal rotators. For those of us with rounded shoulders (deskworkers, drivers, parents lifting heavy toddlers…) this exercise is another great tool to counteract harmful patterns of forward-bending. 

Still, to build optimal shoulder stability and balance, it's a good idea to stretch the shoulder's external rotators as well. If you don't have a yoga strap to support you in these stretches, no problem: you can use an exercise band, rope, or even a partner to help you move a bit farther with each pass. Try this active isolated stretch along with last week's quick tip, and let us know if you notice any difference in your shoulder's mobility!