Quick Tip: Loosening the Hands and Forearms

Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Stretches

Do you ever take a moment to just breathe? Stop everything you’re doing in this moment and appreciate the mechanical rhythm of your breath. Relaxing, right?!

At Psoas, we understand firsthand that life can get a little chaotic. I know, I know… it might seem like we only talk about muscles, but we also understand the importance of strengthening your mental clarity.This week’s Quick Tip is with Psoas therapist Ryan Salidivar. Take a few minutes to practice loosening your hands and forearms with him, and don’t forget to listen to his breathing cues…I promise, it will make all the difference!

This stretch is great for desk workers, or anyone that works with their hands. Typing, writing, painting, sewing, and other small movements made by the hands can cause the muscles and fascia of the hands and forearms to get tight and cramp up.

For best results, take it slow, and really allow the tissue to relax and release.

And as always, if there is any sharp pain, please discontinue and contact us.

In addition to being an exceptionally trained massage therapist, Ryan is a Kundalini yoga instructor.  If you like the idea of integrating a bodywork session with massage and yoga, give us a call because he’s your man!