Quick Tip: Ready for another doorway stretch?

Posted by on Aug 7, 2017 in Exercises, Health and Wellness, Stretches

Did you catch last week's tip for the lats and internal shoulder rotation? This week we're sharing another active isolated stretch that uses the good ol' doorway as a prop. It targets the pecs, and is great for drivers, desk workers, parents picking up heavy toddlers…and the list goes on. Stretching the pecs is one integral way to address the aches, pains, and serious issues that can arise from our forward-bending tendencies.

The bonus with this active isolated stretch is that it both stretches the tight pecs and engages the typically weaker upper back muscles. Try it out once a day for a week, and let us know if you notice any reduction in neck and upper back pain, or a difference in your resting posture.