Quick Tip: Want more complete forearm Deskinetics?

Posted by on Dec 14, 2017 in Exercises, Psoas Deskinetics, Stretches

Are your forearms feeling sore and overworked from long days of typing at your desk? Or maybe you’re feeling a twinge after too much texting, building, pastry-making, or present-wrapping? If so, it’s time to show your forearms some attention. We love the AIS Forearm Flexor Stretch — which appeared in a past Deskinetics blog post — but this week we want you to try the AIS Forearm Extensor Stretch.

A lot of our clients need bodywork to smooth out the superficial fascia around the forearm’s extensors. Whether you’re feeling discomfort precisely in this area or in the hand, this week’s Quick Tip can help ease tension and prevent repetitive stress. Try it out and let us know what you notice!

And in case you need a refresher on Active Isolated Stretching, check out our explanatory video here