Quick Tip: Want some new tools for the new year?

Posted by on Jan 10, 2018 in Bodywork Techniques, Discounts, Health and Wellness, Psoas Deskinetics, Stretches

Looking for ways to ease pain and stay productive in the new year? Check out the classic Psoas Deskinetics Artisan stretch below to care for those forearms. And keep reading to learn about the new year’s intentions we’ve set at the clinic — all geared to support your goals as we move into 2018.

We’re always looking to expand the impact of our bodywork, and we’re particularly excited to share what we’re developing now for this new year. Here’s a peek at what’s new, and what’s to come:

  • New pathways for new clients. Let us know if your friends or family members are struggling with physical pain. We’ll set them up with a specialized phone consultation, and they may even qualify for a free Psoas discovery session!
  • Redefining the bodywork vanguard. We’re now offering nutritional consultations designed to support your current Psoas treatment plan.
  • Personalized treatment series. In the coming months, we’ll unveil new flexible plans for injury recovery, stress reduction, and athletic performance. Under the direction of Clinical Director Scott Schwartz, these treatment series will offer an expanded set of tools to harness our clinical team’s multiple approaches.
  • Link your wellness program to the wellness of others. Our Hatha yoga class (every other Monday, at 4:30pm) is now donation-based! Come practice with us, and your donations will serve to provide bodywork for local communities who otherwise don’t have access.
  • Psoas Deskinetics, elevated. We’re further developing and refining Psoas Deskinetics — our own program to help desk workers prevent injury. Would your workplace benefit from a preventive posture program? We’d love to hear from you.