Quick Tip: Want to jump into the new year with more power?

Posted by on Dec 26, 2018 in Bodywork Techniques, Exercises, Health and Wellness, Meet Your Therapist, Stretches, Workshop

Have you registered yet for our new year’s workshop on optimizing lower body movement? A PT and nutritionist will be there to coach you, along with a few members of the Psoas clinical team. Here’s a bit about the practitioners from Psoas who’ll be sharing their expertise:

Dr. Katherine McCarty offers holistic chiropractic work at Psoas. During her segment of the workshop, she’ll teach foam rolling techniques for the lower body — and share how this crucial self-care strategy can complement manual adjustments.

Later in the evening, several Psoas therapists will demystify the modalities they use to support athletes — from their hips down to their toes. They’ll also demonstrate stretching practices that extend the benefits of manual therapy:

  • Sarah Day is a dancer, teacher of the Axis Syllabus, and an expert in movement and biomechanics. Her hands-on work draws on myofascial release, deep tissue, and stretching.
  • Chris Ludwig is a former competitive pole vaulter and passionate sports massage therapist. He uses deep tissue as well as functional movement techniques like SFMA.
  • Amos Scattergood is a former competitive cyclist. As a therapist, he uses diverse techniques — including ART, NKT, and taping — to support his clients’ athletic goals.

Learn more about the workshop — and the PT and nutritionist who’ll also be teaching — here. Until then, happy holidays! Looking forward to sharing 2019 with you!


“It is not just about the miles you log. Good running takes a lot of supplemental work to stay healthy and perform your best. Stretch. Strengthen. Run. addresses some of the fundamental ways we can optimize our performance, fitness, and health — from foam rolling and stretching, to eating for performance. This workshop will give you the extra tools you need to run your best.” – Devon Yanko, Ultrarunner