Quick Tip: Want to relax while you open up the pecs?

Posted by on Apr 3, 2019 in Exercises, Health and Wellness, Stretches

Many members of our clinical team assign pec stretches as homework between sessions. It’s often clinically indicated because so many of our clients work at desks, or in professions that require them to frequently reach and bend forward. These activities often lead to tight pec muscles, and tight pecs can end up pulling you farther forward. Over time, these patterns can lead to pain and misalignment, and you might find them playing a role far from the desk — like as you train for the Rock n’ Roll Marathon this coming Saturday, or as you lean towards other wellness goals that have brought you to Psoas.
So in this week’s Quick Tip, Psoas therapist Alex Lindo demonstrates one of his favorite pec stretches to help you move towards more optimal alignment and movement. This is a great recovery stretch to do on a break from your desk, or after a round of training. It invites you to use your breath to calm the nervous system and facilitate a deeper release. Incorporate it into your routine for a little while, and let us know if you notice anything different — while sitting, standing, running, or just moving through the day!