Quick Tip: When was your last Deskinetics check-in?

Posted by on Jul 19, 2017 in Exercises, Health and Wellness, Psoas Deskinetics, Stretches

We're always excited about Deskinetics — a system to help combat the repetitive stress disorders so common for desk workers. (If you're new to the blog, check out past Deskinetics stretch + exercise videos like the Posterior Kinetic Chain Exercise and the AIS Pec Stretch.)

But before we get moving at our desks, it's crucial to set up our workstations functionally. Check out this week's Quick Tip to make sure you have all your angles right. This can save you so much trouble later on! And as usual, if you're in pain from working at a desk, looking to consult, or want to learn more about Deskinetics for you or your business, we're here to listen. 

P.S. Have you been practicing Deskinetics? Send us a photo and/or testimonial. We'd love to hear how it's going!