The Supraspinatus Stretch

Posted by on Jun 30, 2021 in Exercises, Health and Wellness, Stretches

This week’s Quick Tip was a special request from one of you. It targets one of the muscles of our rotator cuff called supraspinatus, and there are a few options for varying degrees of shoulder mobility. Why do this stretch, you ask? Most of our life activities pull us forward and the muscles in our chest/front of the shoulders shorten which can affect our posture, our breathing, etc. Stretching and receiving tissue work on the supraspinatus can help reset and stabilize the shoulder which in turn can lead to general upper body release. Be sure to take this slowly. Because it’s a small muscle this stretch may not feel intense, so it’s easy to take it too far if you aren’t listening to your body.

Another thing we’re taking slowly here at Psoas is the evolution of our Covid Health + Safety program. Masks will now be optional for vaccinated clients at the clinic, and our Reception area is open and welcome for all. Our staff will still be wearing masks for this phase, while also continuing to be diligent in sanitizing treatment rooms between clients. We thank you for being patient and understanding as our guidelines evolve. Wellness is a collaborative process, and we love how well this community works together.
Be sure to send along any more requests for stretches or exercises!