Windmill Exercise for Tight Shoulders and Backs

Posted by on May 19, 2021 in Exercises, Stretches

San Francisco has made it to the Yellow Tier, the least restrictive in California. Every business, big and small, is now open in our fine city, and over 75% of our staff is now fully vaccinated. We’ll still be practicing all of our health and safety protocols at the clinic, but we’re excited to feel the energy of this new rhythm.
Whether you’re struggling with some pesky shoulder tension from desk work or you’ve been getting out more often to play your favorite sport (many of our swimmers are back in the pool again!), this week’s Quick Tip is for you. Derek, who’s also trained as a Pilates Instructor and is an avid swimmer himself, shows us a great exercise to increase range of motion in the shoulder and the torso. It can also help expand your breath and give some more space to our often compressed backs.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to go outside and play yet, we hope you do soon. And if you need help shaking off that last bit of Winter stiffness we’re here to help you. Give our Front Desk team a call at 415-227-0331 and we’ll help you get back into action form.