Working out the Peroneal Muscles

Posted by on Jul 24, 2020 in Exercises, Stretches

Our lower leg muscles, compiled of an intricate web of muscle tissue, bear most of our body’s weight, and they can become tight and achy from a wide range of issues. During the shelter-in-place, the changes in our activity have an impact on our legs. And of course our runners are always looking for help keeping their legs in shape. So this week we’re bringing out the tennis balls to show you how to work out those lower leg muscles on your own, starting with the peroneal muscles. The effects of this work can be wide, from opening up the lower foot to releasing tension on the knee and hips.

Jenny’s back to show us how to get started, so check out our Quick Tip Video to learn how! We look forward to helping you dig through that tension in-person, but if you want to work on yourself from home some more, give our intake specialists a call to learn how a remote session with Jason or Derek could help. You can learn more about our COVID services and our reopening plans on our site.