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Desk Ergonomics 101

Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Psoas Deskinetics

Everyone is built slightly different so this is a generalization but if you adhere to these points your desk should be set up relatively, ergonomically sound. With that said, an ergonomic evaluation may be warranted if pain persists, gets worse or if your company provides it. If pain increases substantially, seek help; you could contact Psoas or another provider of physical healthcare and ergonomic assesments. Note that increased pain from an ergonomic change is not uncommon, even if it is helpful. When your desk setup is poor, your body will start to adapt to it (not good). So a change will...

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Hope for a Happy, Pain-Free Desk Worker

Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Health and Wellness, Psoas Deskinetics

Setting up your desk and your day. If you are living behind a desk, pre-emptive measures are needed to help lessen the negative effects of deskwork. Being stuck at your desk for long periods of time is extremely damaging and should be limited — meaning breaks need to be a part of your workday. While societal pressures create a mindset that reinforce overwork and overuse of muscles, building preventative measures into your workday should not effect your production. Do you experience any of the following?  Minor: sore neck, cramped shoulder blades, minor headaches, aching hands, eye...

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