Tools for Psoas Virtual Sessions

Tools for your Virtual Session:

  • Knowing what tools you have available prior to the session will help our therapists plan the most effective session and manual-at-home-techniques for you.
  • Please prepare your at home massage equipment before your session starts.
  • Be creative and find what you have around the house. You don’t need to have all of these!
  • Feel free to order more tools for your next session. Since we don’t have the capacity to send products from the clinic right now, we are linking to Amazon.

Here’s a list of what we’ve found to be most useful along with comparable substitutes:

Yoga Mat

Balls, Balls, Balls!! 

  • lacrosse, tennis (the newer the better because more firm), golf, racquetball (not the best but can work in a pinch), softball, Pinky Ball, and other specialty balls you may own

Foam roller

Sticks to roll out legs!!

  • Tiger Tail – (sold at Psoas)-  a little harder to get into smaller muscles like lower leg muscles, etc.
  • The Stick – a bit more flexible and good for larger muscle groups like quads, hams, etc.
  • a regular kitchen rolling pin

Neck Massage Tool

  • Acumasseur  – (Jason’s fav) This is one of the only effective devices for self-neck massage (works great for calves too). 

Arm Massage Tool

Therabands for exercises

Hand Towel or Strap