Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine mostly concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the neuro-skeletal system. It is both an art and science, as it is a skill that is acquired through understanding how subluxations work, and how to correctly adjust them.
The initial Chiropractic Treatment at Psoas begins with 2 x 30 minute sessions, with 1-7 days in between, described below, then moves on to 15 minute treatment sessions.

Consult & Examination: Up to 30 minutes

At this first visit, you will fill out a short intake form and then begin the consultation.

  • We will discuss your health concerns, lifestyle goals, and any questions that you may have.
  • The examination will follow the consultation and will include:
    • range of motion
    • posture review
    • chiropractic analysis
    • orthopedic and neurological evaluation.
  • When X-rays are necessary for your care, Dr. McCarty will guide you to the nearest walk-in radiology center in San Francisco.
  • Once Dr. McCarty has gathered all the information, you’ll set up a time to go over exam findings and any necessary X-rays.

**Adjustments will only be given on the first visit on an emergency basis, and if not, Dr. McCarty promises to perform any necessary relief care until we can go over exam/X-ray findings.

Tailored Care Explained: Up to 30 minutes
During your second visit, we will go through a report of exam findings. You will get a thorough understanding of what your condition is, and if X-ray were performed, we will review them with you as well. This is an extremely important visit, as you will understand the necessary next steps to not just address your current health needs, but to make an educated choice on strengthening your body to for future lifestyle habits.

  • We will go over a detailed, specific, care plan agreement, including chiropractic and bodywork.
    • You will either be a candidate for corrective care, where we work on fixing the cause of your problem, or you will opt for relief care only.
    • You are free to choose the type of care you wish to receive, just know that outcome expectations will be different with each option.

**At this visit we will move forward with care, and you will receive your first, or follow up, adjustment!

Treatment: 15+ minutes

This is where we make a huge difference in your health and lifestyle goals!

  • Regular chiropractic adjustment visits will be conveniently shorter and more focused on your specific care management.
  • Each visit we will monitor your progression, and the progression of every family member in your household.
  • Once maintenance care is recommended to you, it will be based on your health history and the care you need to sustain your desired lifestyle.

The gem of chiropractic care, especially in collaboration with bodywork, lies here. When you take control and transform your future health, and the health of your spine, you will have endless potential to move, function, and thrive in the activities you love most.