Corporate Massage

With Psoas Corporate massage, you can expect the same expertise and dedication to improving employee performance that we bring to enhancing athletic performance. Our goals are very similar to those in a Sports Massage: to prevent injury, encourage greater physical capacity, and sharpen the efficiency of activities requiring repetitive motion. And office work is often as demanding as athletic endeavor. With so many people spending their days in front of screens, we're seeing more and more clients with desk-related repetitive stress disorders. That's why we've developed a unique method of bodywork as well as a stretching protocol called Psoas Deskinetics. With these two sets of tools, we help desk workers release overused muscles and activate underused areas. Let us bring those results to your team.

Psoas Massage + Bodywork has experience providing corporate massage to law firms, financial institutions, non-profits and mid and small-sized businesses in the Bay Area. We offer session lengths that range from 15 minutes to one hour for as many as 20 employees per day. We work with employers to offer specific massage therapy and self-care information to their employees as part of an on-going wellness program (multiple sessions package) or as a one-time, in-office health event (single session). A small room is all we need to provide you and your employees a low-cost, high-return work break with lasting benefits.

Interested in what positive effects we can have in your work environment?

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