Neuro-Motor Control Therapy

If you cannot move HOW you want to, WHEN you want to — easily and without pain — the problem is not just with your muscles, tissue, and bones; it’s with your operating system. Whether the issue is new or chronic, full resolution is only possible if addressed directly.

What is Neuro-Motor Control Therapy (NMC)?

Animals with spines, such as humans, have bodies that have evolved to move under the direct control of their brains. This is neuro-motor control: the ability of the brain to direct specific appropriate muscle groups in coordinated movements.

Your body is a powerful, self-propelled MOTOR, and your brain is the neuromuscular CONTROL.

Tell Me More:

The MOTOR has a lot of moving parts — muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints — and all of these are subject to mechanical dysfunction. This in turn will initiate abnormal neuromuscular feedback that causes confusion in CONTROL, rendering it unable to move the body normally.

The sensory result is pain, awkwardness, and a lack of power.

So tell me about the therapist:

Michael Talbot has fifteen years of experience (seven of them here at Psoas) resolving motor control issues, with a background that began with a BS in Physiological Psychology. After beginning a career in bodywork as a Deep Tissue therapist, Michael studied and became expert at NeuroMuscular Reprogramming® and NeuroKinetic Therapy®, two of the most advanced modalities that address neuromuscular motor control.

What is a Motor Control session like?

The session focuses on two things:

1) Neurologic muscle-testing and tissue palpation to identify the over-contracted muscles that are preventing natural movement.

2) Deep, focused manual release of these muscles, to restore natural movement and often reduce or even eliminate the pain.

Motor Control clients also learn a great deal about their bodies’ movement patterns, and receive “homework” offerings that can further improve their conditions.

Is NMC for me?

Some of the conditions that Michael treats on a regular basis include: neck, shoulder and upper back immobility, whiplash, sciatica, knee/leg/hip/ankle pain, cervical spine injuries, rotator cuff impingements, wrist and elbow immobilities, and much more.

The work is equally effective at addressing repetitive stress conditions, athletic injuries, and physical trauma. Clients range from those with chronic workplace and postural challenges to highly athletic, maximum performance oriented individuals.

Please feel free to call the clinic at 415.227.0331 with any specific questions about NMC.