Sports Massage

A large number of athletes (competitive and weekend warriors) are incorporating Sports Massage into their regimen. The benefits of Sports Massage include improved circulation, flexibility and range of motion, decreased recovery time from competition and training, injury prevention, increased muscular efficiency and increased physical awareness derived from anatomical and functional education.

Efficient circulation supply to musculoskeletal tissue increases delivery of essential nutrients and oxygen, which helps increase bodily productivity and removal of metabolic waste. By breaking scar tissue and adhesions, muscles and tendons are released from inefficiency and are free to glide the way they were designed. The skilled hands of a Psoas massage therapist will detect minor imbalances at an early stage. Once identified, they can be addressed before becoming strain, sprain, or tears.

At Psoas, we provide Sports Massage at local events for the competitive athlete, which enhances immediate competitive output and recovery. Most of our athletes, however, come to our studio for regular maintenance sessions, which are usually performed throughout the competitive season and training.