The Feldenkrais Method®

In a Feldenkrais Functional Integration (FI) session, you lie fully clothed on a low table as the practitioner gently moves or presses your body in different directions to make you aware of (a) subconscious tension and holding patters that make your movement less efficient, and (b) efficient ways of coordinating your body. At times, various props (pillows, rollers, blankets) are used to support posture of facilitate movements.

Through gentle touch and a series of guided movements, the practitioner develops lessons that are tailored to the clients’ unique structural needs with the goal of expanding flexibility and coordination.

Through precision of touch and movement, the client learns how to eliminate excess effort and thus move more freely and easily. Lessons may be specific in addressing particular issues brought by the client, or can be more global in scope. Clients with orthopedic problems in bones and joints can use the Feldenkrais Method to assist in correcting poor posture or habits of movement that may cause pain. Issues such as chronic muscle pain may resolve themselves as the client may learn a more relaxed approach to his or her physical experience.