Psoas schedules to meet your needs – whether it’s a single session, a long-term program, or office massage.

Massage is a very personal journey. Our therapists are trained in many techniques and may apply various modalities during your personalized massage. Our sessions are priced to reflect this advanced approach to massage therapy. Psoas rates range in price, depending on many factors – we take into account how long the therapist has been doing bodywork, how long they have been at Psoas, the extent of their training, and variety of modalities that they offer. We hold extremely high standards for our therapists, and only allow the best of the best to work on our valued clients.

Massage/Bodywork Rates

Therapist30 min60 min90 min
(Massage Trainee)
David Liao
Mark De Mesa
Robyn Mack
Benjamin Brewer
Chrissy Scardina
Sarah Day
Derek Lozupone
Graham Gautschi
Jason Garcia
D Bacome
KC Wassner

Prenatal Sessions

Can be performed by any of our Prenatal Specialists and will be charged at that therapist’s rate.

Active Release Technique (ART)

15 minN/A
30 min$120


60 min$190

Infrared Therapy

45 minutes$60
Add a guest to your IRT session+$15

Corporate Massage

With Psoas Corporate massage, you can expect the same expertise and dedication to improving employee performance that we bring to enhancing athletic performance. Our goals are very similar to those in a Sports Massage: to prevent injury, encourage greater physical capacity, and sharpen the efficiency of activities requiring repetitive motion. And office work is often as demanding as athletic endeavor. With so many people spending their days in front of screens, we’re seeing more and more clients with desk-related repetitive stress disorders. That’s why we’ve developed a unique method of bodywork as well as a stretching protocol called Psoas Deskinetics. With these two sets of tools, we help desk workers release overused muscles and activate underused areas. Let us bring those results to your team.

Psoas Massage + Bodywork has experience providing corporate massage to law firms, financial institutions, non-profits and mid and small-sized businesses in the Bay Area. We offer session lengths that range from 15 minutes to one hour for as many as 20 employees per day. We work with employers to offer specific massage therapy and self-care information to their employees as part of an on-going wellness program (multiple sessions package) or as a one-time, in-office health event (single session). A small room is all we need to provide you and your employees a low-cost, high-return work break with lasting benefits.

Interested in what positive effects we can have in your work environment?

Please call us at (415) 227-0331 to discuss our recommendations and rates.

Event Massage

Want exceptional massage at your party or athletic event? With Psoas Event Massage, you can expect the same expertise and dedication we bring to our clients in the clinic. Our therapists love to join you on-site to meet the specific needs of your event’s participants — whether they’re looking for recovery after a run, prevention of future injuries, or a rehabilitation of the nervous system.

Psoas Massage + Bodywork has experience providing on-site massage for events at gyms, marathons, and athletic competitions around the Bay Area. We offer session lengths that range from 15 minutes to one hour and can work inside or outdoors to provide your event’s participants with clinical bodywork.

Interested in what phenomenal massage can do for your event?

Please call us at (415) 227-0331 to discuss our recommendations and rates.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift that everybody loves!  Gift certificates make a wonderful gift, and we make it easy to give these to your family and friends… or for them to give you.

A Psoas gift certificate is perfect for:

  •  Birthdays
  •  Wedding or engagement present
  •  Gift for a new mom or dad
  •  Corporate gift

Our gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination and they never expire.

You can now purchase a gift certificate through the e-gift portal online here or by calling the Front Desk at (415) 227-0331.

Before navigating to the e-gift site to purchase your gift, please note:

  • The recipient’s email that you enter in the e-gift portal should match their client profile email.
  • All gift certificates purchased online are subject to a $4 processing fee.
  • Gift certificates that are sent via USPS will incur an additional $2 shipping fee and will be ready for delivery within 48 business hours.
  • If you choose to pick up your gift certificate in person, it will be ready within 24 business hours.


Ways to Save at Psoas

Refer A Friend

Our clinic has always thrived on long-term relationships with clients. We love helping our community move and feel better, and we’re grateful when you spread the word about what we do. That’s why we offer a 20% discount off your next session every time you refer a new client to Psoas.

Use your Flexible Spending/Health Savings Account for massage

Many of our clients use their FSA/HSAs towards their bodywork, often planning ahead for the coming year for how much they want to put towards regular massage that is part of their health program. We provide itemized receipts with technical procedure codes that help our clients get reimbursed. Often this is all the client needs and it is an easy process. Some insurance companies require a diagnosis or a referral from their doctor. The best way that most of our clients have found to get reimbursed is to get a prescription from their primary care provider. Often, if your doctor finds out you have any condition, up to and including moderate back pain, for which massage is a logical course of treatment, they will refer you out for a certain number of bodywork sessions. The prescription that they give you, when paired with our receipts, can usually be submitted to your insurance provider to obtain reimbursement. Some PPO plans don’t require a prescription if massage is already covered and simply providing your itemized receipt from Psoas can be enough. Massage therapists do not diagnose and we cannot provide you with a diagnosis code.

10% Off on Packages of 5 Sessions

A new client can choose to buy a package after their 1st session and put that session towards the package. All packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire after 1 year.

Available Appointments Email

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Free Parking

We know it can be stressful and expensive parking in the city. That’s why we offer free validated parking in the Soma Square Parking Garage for up to 2 hours!