Psoas schedules to meet your needs – whether it's a single session, a long-term program, or office massage.

Massage is a very personal journey. Our therapists are trained in many techniques and may apply various modalities during your personalized massage. Our sessions are priced to reflect this advanced approach to massage therapy. Psoas rates range in price, depending on many factors – we take into account how long the therapist has been doing bodywork, how long they have been at Psoas, the extent of their training, and variety of modalities that they offer. We hold extremely high standards for our therapists, and only allow the best of the best to work on our valued clients.

Massage/Bodywork Rates

Therapist60 min90 min
Ginger Williamson
Jenny Schaffhouser
Beth Getz
Kenny Givens
Luke Karamol
William Stevensen
Leigh Erickson
Daniel Alexanyan
Matan Hoffman
Michael Talbot
Sarah Day
Scott Schwartz
Jason Garcia
David Bacome

Prenatal Sessions

Can be performed by any of our Prenatal Specialists and will be charged at that therapist's rate.

Active Release Technique (ART)

15 min$55
30 min$110

ART Combo Sessions (ART with massage)

Can be performed by any ART certified therapists and will be charged at that therapist's rate.

Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR)

30 min$110
60 min$175


60 min$135

Corporate Massage

Show your employees you care! It’s amazing how beneficial just a short, focused massage can be on the body.

Corporate massages enable you to provide your employees with 10, 15, or 20 minute massages, based on your preference and number of people to be seen, at an hourly rate of $150 for each therapist with a minimum of 3 hours.

Because everyone’s needs are different, our therapists are able to cater to the individual better with a massage table vs. a chair.  All you need is space for each table at your office.  Clients will be seen clothed, and have the opportunity to tell their Psoas therapist exactly what they want to focus on during their time slot.

Please call us at 415.227.0331 for more information.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift that everybody loves!  Gift certificates make a wonderful gift, and we make it easy to give these to your family and friends… or for them to give you.

A Psoas gift certificate is perfect for:

  •  Birthdays
  •  Wedding or engagement present
  •  Gift for a new mom or dad
  •  Corporate gift

Our gift certificates can be purchased in 60 minute or 90 minute sessions and they don’t expire.  Simply call us to purchase the gift certificate, and then we’ll send it in the mail to the lucky recipient.

To purchase a gift certificate, please call us today at (415) 227-0331.


Ways to Save at Psoas

Refer A Friend

At Psoas we realize that a good amount of our success is due to word-of-mouth from satisfied clients. We would like to say thanks to everyone that is helping us spread the word.

Refer a new client and receive 20% off your next Psoas appointment.

Use your Flexible Spending/Health Savings Account for massage

Many of our clients use their FSA/HSAs towards their bodywork, often planning ahead for the coming year for how much they want to put towards regular massage that is part of their health program. We provide itemized receipts with technical procedure codes that help our clients get reimbursed. Often this is all the client needs and it is an easy process. Some insurance companies require a diagnosis or a referral from their doctor. The best way that most of our clients have found to get reimbursed is to get a prescription from their primary care provider. Often, if your doctor finds out you have any condition, up to and including moderate back pain, for which massage is a logical course of treatment, they will refer you out for a certain number of bodywork sessions. The prescription that they give you, when paired with our receipts, can usually be submitted to your insurance provider to obtain reimbursement. Some PPO plans don’t require a prescription if massage is already covered and simply providing your itemized receipt from Psoas can be enough. Massage therapists do not diagnose and we cannot provide you with a diagnosis code.

10% Off on Packages of 5 Sessions

A new client can choose to buy a package after their 1st session and put that session towards the package. All packages are non-refundable, non-transferable, and expire after 1 year.

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