An Update from the Psoas Team

Posted by on Apr 2, 2020 in Uncategorized

Thanks so much for your kind emails and concern. We are continuously touched and honored to have such amazing clients who are also, simply put, great people. In response to your concerns, we can gratefully say that our team is entirely healthy. 
Many have also expressed concern for our financial state, and your compassion for our small business is poignant and very appreciated. For now, we have emergency funds to support our team with key benefits, like medical insurance, and are following the roll out of the Federal Paid Sick Leave; all in anticipation of a hopeful return on 4/7, yet realistically unsure how long we’ll all be affected. Like many of you, we are in a state of waiting, and will keep you posted as we know more.
We reflect your concern and love. We are staying connected and in conversation as a team, and are repeatedly discussing how we miss and worry for our clients. This time of reflection reminds us of our love for bodywork and its importance in our world. We know many rely on us for pain management and others as part of your overall health plan. That’s why we’ve maintained, with a ton of extra precautions, a very limited schedule on Thursday mornings. And why we’ve been working hard to figure out how to support you, and our therapists, by offering remote assistance during this time.
Starting on Monday, Derek Lozupone, our Clinical Deep Tissue, Sports Therapist and Pilates instructor, will be offering integrative online sessions, including Pilates strengthening and recovery. Stay tuned with more offerings from other therapists coming soon! For now, please email or call our Intake Specialists (available 1-4 p.m. on weekdays) to learn more and to schedule with Derek.
In the meantime, we offer you a glimpse of how some of our therapists are spending their time. Jason, Sarah, and Derek have lovingly shared a glimpse into some of the their favorite pastimes, and as we enjoy these with you, our hearts go out to all who may be suffering due to COVID-19.