Quick Tip: AIS Hamstring Stretch

Posted by on Jul 16, 2014 in Stretches, Uncategorized

Almost everyone can use a good hamstring stretch!  There are so many ways to stretch your hamstrings, but try throwing this one into the mix.  Maybe you will be able to get even more range of motion than you have been getting with your traditional hamstring stretch.

It’s super important to keep your hamstrings happy, because healthy hamstrings keep your back relaxed, your pelvis aligned, and are pretty key components in almost every sport.

Take a moment of your day to join co-owner, Scott Schwartz, as he teaches you a new way to help your body.  Loosening up those hammies will feel OH SO GOOD.

Everyone can use hamstring stretching, even if you are super flexible. Be careful with this if you have had a recent hamstring tear or if you have numbness or tingling anywhere in your leg and contact us if pain is sharp during the stretch. Remember that this is two separate stretches – one with the knee straight, and one with it bent.

Please watch the Explaining Active Isolated Stretching video to get the basics of AIS Stretching.

Happy stretching!