Quick Tip: Did you know Jason has been a Psoas therapist for 10 years?!

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It’s been a decade, and this week we would like to acknowledge and thank Jason Garcia for the thousands of clients he has helped over the years and for his amazing professionalism that has been so integral in developing Psoas Massage + Bodywork as the premiere sports and bodywork clinic in the Bay Area and beyond.
There is not nearly enough time or space to display even a small percentage of the clients, therapists, students, etc., that Jason has personally affected over the 10 years that he’s been at Psoas. But here are a couple below.
We look forward to many more years of growth and exceptional work here with Jason!
“For the last ten years Jenny, Scott and I have shared a passion for pushing the boundaries of our massage profession. It’s been great to be part of a community that’s always evolving and setting the bar for what bodywork is capable of accomplishing. I look forward to what the next ten years will bring.”
                                                                                        – Jason Garcia
These words of praise come from some of Jason’s co-workers who have known him the longest. (years known in parenthesis)
They are followed bywords of praise and thanks from past clients.
But here is a special one I thought I would put right at the top:
Jason is a f@&$!ing miracle worker. – Emily Y

We agree!

 Scott Schwartz, Psoas Co-Owner and Clinical Director (10)
“10 years. Yep. 10. I am proud of many things but not many more than providing a home for the likes of Jason Garcia.”
Jenny Lightstone, Psoas Co-Owner (10)  
“I have never before met a therapist so dedicated to the profession of massage.  Jason is inspiring and a great role model for me as a business owner and a therapist.   Through his time here at Psoas, he has helped us grow through 2 remodels and developing our team, and his personal growth has been tremendous.
From increasing his skills as a teacher, to helping develop other therapists’ skills, to a 2 year training in Feldenkrais, and another 2 year program in PDTR, and now writing a book about how to be a successful massage therapist….
It’s been a great run, and we feel very proud and thankful to have had Jason with us for 10 years and hopefully another 10 more!”
Michael Talbot (6)
“Jason takes great joy in his work, and his enthusiasm is something that all of us, therapists and clients alike, can feel. He is a great communicator, caring therapist, and an inspiration to us all” 
Lauren Ide (4)
“Jason is simply the most compassionate, personable, and highly skilled body worker that I have known in my 13+ year career across three states. I’ve been grateful to work with him at Psoas and I’m proud to call him my friend.” 
David Bacome (3)
“Jason’s honest nature, compassion and deep understanding of the body allows clients to truly unwind and discover many root causes of their pain. It’s inspiring to see one person help so many and give back to the community, be it through his teaching, volunteering or his mentorship of a newer generation of therapists.”
Michael Ward (3)

“I’ve known Jason Garcia since fall of 2013. I like to call him teddy bear hands. They are so soft, just like his heart.”



Past clients: There could easily be 100 here – but we just chose a couple
“I got an hour long massage with Jason; the effects were incredible! I feel like he did a great assessment, he really understood what was going on with my pain!” 
Brooke T
“I can’t recommend Psoas enough, although I’m afraid if I recommend Jason too highly, I’ll never be able to get another appointment with him. It’s hard enough as it is because he’s so great at what he does.” – Lisa A
Please let Jason know that I ran the LA Marathon in 4:34 and had no problems with my knees or hips. It went way better than I could have even hoped! Couldn’t have done it without his help. Thanks! – Lenny B
I was referred by my physician for hip issues. Jason’s work was absolutely terrific and we’re working out a plan for a few more sessions so I can get lasting results. He’s hard to get in with, but the work is excellent! – –Paula H
“I had an injury to my neck/upper back when stretching, ended up in emergency room, and was recommended to see Jason by an ER doctor at Stanford Hospital. It was fantastic — increased range of motion and huge improvement. I can’t stop coming back, wish I could come more!” –David H