Rugby Superstar Nathalie Marchino

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Here at Psoas we work effortlessly to provide each of our clients the experience and quality bodywork they expect. As a studio that offers multiple modalities of bodywork, we are able to extend our services to a diverse range of clientele, some of whom we create individualized treatment plans to meet their specific goals. This week we would like to introduce you to rugby superstar and longtime Psoas client, Nathalie Marchino.
Nathalie is a Bay Area local who has played rugby for the last 10 years. In her decade of competitive athletics, she has had the opportunity to play professionally and represent the U.S. This year Nathalie has been training harder than ever in hopes of qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games as part of her native country, Colombia. Read more about her journey below and how her work here at Psoas is helping her prepare for this remarkable opportunity!
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I’ve often been told that women hit their athletic stride in their early 30s. However, at 34 years of age, I am considered an anomaly in Sevens Rugby. Sevens Rugby, often referred to as just “7s,” will make its inaugural appearance in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Already a very grueling sport due to the high pace of the game, and the physicality of contact, 7s has been attracting younger and younger talent, making athletes such as myself rarer in the sport.

I have played rugby for the last 10 years, representing the US for a majority of that time as both as a 15s player and a 7s player. As you can imagine, rugby really takes a toll on the body. Rugby is one of the few sports where there are no differences in the rules between the men and women. We all play offense and defense, which means that we all tackle and get tackled, at very high speeds. That is the reason why taking care of your body can be the difference between retiring early or still having a go at my age.

After playing rugby professionally for a year in 2013, my body was pretty damaged, both due to a lack of care on my part but also due to inadequate treatment. I worked intensively with both a PT , and PSOAS therapists Michael Ward and Michael Talbot, to get myself back into playing shape. Massages are now an integral part of my preparation / recovery work. Now that I am back playing rugby, I have made some significant changes to the way that I prepare to play, from the quality and quantify of sleep that I get, to my nutrition, and the way that I recover.

I do not currently have US citizenship, which disqualifies me from playing for them at the Olympics. However, my mom is Colombian, and I was born there. When Colombia qualified I reached out to the coach to see if they were looking for players and we have been in touch ever since. Because I have represented another country, I had to sit out for 18-months and am now waiting for official approvals from World Rugby to join the Colombia squad.

I now have the opportunity to participate in the 2016 Olympic games as a member of the Colombian national team. I am currently training here in the US, until I am officially cleared to train with the team. I will be making very regular visits to PSOAS to make sure that I am ready to go when the call comes.