Staying Connected Remotely?

Posted by on Apr 13, 2020 in Uncategorized

As the shelter-in-place extends into May, we’re working hard to bring real, meaningful support into a new format. We’re working and training together to help our clients take care of themselves at home, while figuring out how to weather the financial reality of not reopening until May 3rd.

We want to bring some sense of strength and normalcy to our community by sharing the depth of knowledge and advanced skills found on our team of clinicians. At the same time, we know that we’re not the only ones struggling financially. We’re introducing two affordable ways to support each other through this: we want our clients to reap the rewards of working remotely with our veteran body gurus via these customized sessions while supporting our clinic during this closure.

At the same time, we know that more and more of our friends and family are starting to feel the health reality of this pandemic, and our hearts are full for our wide community. Many of us need community support more than ever right now. We want to be there for you to help you through the stressors and we thank you for also sticking it out with us.

So we’re hoping that you’ll enjoy these offers for remote support:

30-minute integrative sessions: Psoas senior therapist, Jason Garcia.
For those who don’t know Jason, he’s an author, massage professor, and has decades of extensive training and experience, including certifications in PDT-R and Feldenkrais. Jason is offering $75 sessions — for assistance in pain management, movement assessment, stretching, and education in self-massage.

60-minute sessions: Sports Therapist and Pilates Instructor, Derek Lozupone
Derek draws from years of experience — from studying at the Swedish Institute of New York, to being a therapist for the Aids/LifeCycle tour and being a competitive swimmer and tennis player himself. Derek is offering $120 sessions where you’ll have the choice of doing a Pilates strengthening session, or the two of you can specifically design the session to incorporate many other elements — such as yoga, breathwork, self massage, and range of movement assessments, to name a few.

Please reach out to learn more and/or to schedule. Jason and Derek will consult your clinical records prior to each session to address any previous issues as needed, and we can discuss your current needs and goals so that you get the most out of these sessions.