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Cupping, also known as Myofascial Decompression, has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine for a variety of ailments and illnesses ranging from digestive and immune deficiencies to musculoskeletal issues. At Psoas, we utilize cupping to soften tight muscles, lift connective tissue, break up adhesions, increase flexibility, reduce pain, offer relaxation, and promote the healing of chronic injury sites. Cupping is also known to improve blood flow for increased nutrient exchange to muscle tissue, fascia, and skin.

Your Psoas therapist may use Cupping in your session to enhance their massage treatment. Applied with lotion, we use silicone or plastic cups with a vacuum pump to create a suction on the skin, or negative pressure, to open and stretch tissue in a different way than typical massage compression. Your therapist may use the cup by gliding it over the skin, holding it in one spot while they massage other areas, or have you move and stretch while the cups are attached to your body. The pressure is very easy to control and should not be painful so please communicate with your therapist if you need them to adjust.

Some of the main areas and issues we like to treat with cupping are:

  • Hamstring Strains

  • Knee Pain/IT Band

  • Rotator Cuff Tension

  • Neck Stiffness

  • General Back Pain and Soreness

  • Hip Restrictions

  • Myofascial restrictions unrelated to injury


Cups are typically left on the skin for 2-10 minutes, creating a circular-shaped discoloration ranging from bright red to dark purple, which may last for a couple of hours or up to 2 weeks. Even though a cupping mark is a result of breaking up superficial capillaries, it is different than a normal bruise. It is not painful to the touch and it heals much quicker than your average bruise. This treatment is great for folks looking to decrease pain, increase range of motion, and soften hardened tissue. Our team has tested and trained in cupping and we’re excited to share it with you!




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