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Since 2003, we’ve pushed the boundaries of what a massage clinic can offer to its clients, its therapists, and the wider bodywork community. And right now, we’re looking for THREE of the best deep tissue, sports, and clinical Massage Therapists in the Bay Area to join our team in 2023.

For a therapist looking to get deeper into the clinical and/or sports massage field, Psoas is a great place to learn and get your career going. For more experienced therapists who are already practicing clinicians, like Neuromuscular therapists, Rolfers, Advanced Sports Massage therapists, Trigger Point experts, and many other orthopedic and soft tissue specialists, this is the place you finally get to work on the clients you were trained to and help them get better. 



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we're up to the task - are you?



"I came to Psoas because I wanted to work with complex clinical cases and develop my skill set - but I stayed for the community (of clients + colleagues)." - Mark De Mesa, Massage Therapist

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