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Deep Tissue Bodywork is a therapeutic technique used to reduce or eliminate bodily pain and discomfort. This technique often goes very deep into musculoskeletal tissue; however, the term “deep” mostly refers more to its penetrating effects. Deep Tissue is designed to relieve muscles of scarring and adhesions that cause pain and limited range of motion, reduce pain and swelling after an injury, and increase ease and range of motion.

While this technique is clinical in the sense that it is used to address issues of disease, Deep Tissue work can be profoundly relaxing. The skilled practitioner knows that the client must trust their therapist and relax completely in order to fully feel the effects of any modality. Due to the depth of pressure of some techniques—such as Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and some Orthopedic work, real gains will never be attained without the skilled touch of a trained and caring practitioner. Therefore, treatments will involve softening of an area, followed by slow, intense, sustained pressure. This work also helps release toxins that have been stored in the muscle for an extended period of time. Deep Tissue work necessitates a deep understanding of anatomy, and your Psoas therapist will employ his or her knowledge to reach the desired effects. As with any therapeutic technique, Deep Tissue is often combined with other modalities to achieve a specific goal.

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