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Jason, often known as the “massage guru” at Psoas, began his journey with massage in 1997 at the prestigious National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, California. He immediately gravitated towards learning about more challenging clinical situations and was soon asked to mentor with one of his instructors, Erik Beavers. 


Jason's passion for trigger point, myofascial release, and deep tissue skills was born and honed, while working at the Recreation Center for the Handicapped. These abilities, combined with in-depth assessment and superb listening skills, allow Jason to customize each session to meet his clients’ needs. Since 2005, Jason has taken an interest in neuro-scientifically based techniques. He became a certified Feldenkrais practitioner in 2009 and a NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) practitioner in 2011. His emphasis on the brain’s ability to make changes and adapt to new patterns of movement has given him a unique insight into clinical conditions.


By seeking the root of the problem, his clients enjoy long-lasting results. Jason joined the Psoas team in 2006 and immediately knew he had found a home that shared his passion and high standards for massage. He is extremely versatile and considered an expert, whether his client is pregnant and dealing with low back issues, a desk worker troubled by carpal tunnel syndrome, a professional athlete sidelined with recurring knee pain or just normal Joe/Jane looking for the best deep tissue massage they have ever had. With over 1,800 hours of training and over 20,000 hours of massages under his belt, Jason is one of the most experienced practitioners in the Bay Area. His education, skill, and experience, combined with a teaching and public speaking background, made Jason uniquely qualified for his promotion to Clinical Education Supervisor at Psoas. He works closely with Psoas therapists in their ongoing growth and development as practitioners.


Jason is happily busy with his wife Melanie and three daughters Kylie, Amelia and Liliana. He continues to teach both new practitioners and advanced workshops in sports and clinical massage to seasoned therapists around the Bay Area and enjoys shaping the future of the profession. He has thoroughly enjoyed his work since day one.


  • 30 Minutes: N/A

  • 60 Minutes: $200

  • 90 Minutes: N/A

  • Clinical Deep Tissue

  • Feldenkrais

  • NKT & PDTR

  • Acute Injuries

  • Pre/Post Natal Massage

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