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Trigger Point Therapy is a clinical technique used to eliminate myofascial trigger points from bodily tissue. The term “trigger point” seems to be a very misused and misunderstood term. While a trigger point is hypersensitive to pressure, it also produces a referral of pain or sensation elsewhere in the body. Trigger points limit range of motion, often causing altered body mechanics and posture.

Trigger points develop in conjunction to lifestyle, trauma, injury, overuse, misuse, and stress, often causing headaches, neck and jaw pain, lower and upper back pain, tennis elbow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Most clients and practitioners assume that the cause of pain is located in the area that is producing that pain. Yet, studies have shown that up to 75% of bodily pain and discomfort is caused by trigger points located away from the area of sensation. Trigger points refer pain in very predictable patterns, therefore they are easy for your trained Psoas therapist to find and deactivate.

Trigger Point Therapy work is a very effective and natural way to alleviate pain, and we often integrate this technique into other therapeutic treatments to help attain desired effects of pain relief. If you have had longstanding pain that has been untreatable, this may be your answer.

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