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 Wendell is a well-rounded bodyworker who uses a variety of techniques to address stresses that accumulate in the body. He blends modalities from both Eastern and Western origins to maximize outcomes. His bodywork is precise in application and can be general or focused on specific considerations. Clients can expect to receive a massage experience that will bring them in-tune with their body’s biorhythms and condition. Additionally, Wendell will suggest and demonstrate repatterning exercises, stretches, and even Yoga poses to aid in recovery, maintenance, and extend the benefits of their sessions.


With a range of modalities from Cranial-Sacral to Structural Integration, Wendell approaches bodywork with a unique touch that demonstrates a strong knowledge of anatomy and understanding of movement. Whether you are looking for a complete reset of your body’s rhythms, maintenance, or overcoming injury, he will focus his skills on addressing your needs. 


Wendell’s style is great for athletes and desk workers suffering from acute injury or chronic tension, but he thrives working with those who are new to receiving massage. Having a wide variety of modalities in his toolbox helps him to discover the approach that works best for a client's body allowing him to tailor each session for specific goals. For his athletic clients, the Russian Sports techniques can move up to three times more Lymph fluid than a Swedish massage, and for clients new to bodywork, Craniosacral techniques can down regulate the nervous system allowing for deeper relaxation.


Outside of the clinic Wendell enjoys a wide range of activities from soccer, hiking, and golf, to international mythologies, languages, chess and video games.


  • 30 Minutes: $110

  • 60 Minutes: $165

  • 90 Minutes: $245

  • Thai reflexology

  • Swedish

  • Deep tissue and myofascial release

  • Trigger point

  • Cranial-sacral

  • Russian Sports

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