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Benjamin approaches bodywork as a means to improve a client’s connectivity between their body and mind. Using a combination of muscle testing, deep tissue, myofascial release, and neurological feedback training, Benjamin works to improve a client’s natural orientation as a physical being in a fluid and sequenced manner.


Inquisitive by nature, Benjamin will ask his clients many questions to help them engage with their bodies in new ways. A session can be mostly neurologically focused or include a combination of neurological work and some traditional massage moves, all with the aim of unlocking a body’s natural movement patterns. Benjamin will often instruct his clients through breath work and posture-focused exercises during his treatments.


Benjamin began working as a personal trainer in 2012 and completed massage school in 2017. Seeing the body as designed to move effortlessly, Benjamin uses his sessions to emphasize the accessibility of one’s naturals activities to reach, breathe, stand, walk and crawl. Unlocking the body’s innate potential for mobility and strength is an ongoing source of inspiration for Benjamin in his quest to uncover the primary restrictions holding a skill at bay. In his free time, Benjamin enjoys reading, studying, writing, and fitness training.


  • 30 Minutes: N/A

  • 60 Minutes: $180

  • 90 Minutes: $265

  • Posture and breath training

  • Muscular activation

  • Gait analysis and correction

  • Deep tissue

  • Trigger point

  • Myofascial release

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