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Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle form of bodywork developed by an osteopathic medical doctor. It works to release tension and compression in the body – relieving pain, addressing dysfunction, and improving performance and health. Craniosacral therapists support the movements of the bones with very gentle pressure, about 5 grams worth.

Craniosacral Therapy is very relaxing, and brings relief to people suffering from headaches, TMJ, sciatica, arthritis, joint pain, neck pain, and sleep disorders. It is also optimal for clients recovering from surgery and multiple forms of head trauma, as well as for anyone seeking to rebalance the central nervous system.

Oftentimes, clients seek out Craniosacral when they require a lighter touch than that of a chiropractor or massage therapist. Still, Craniosacral works very well in conjunction with those and other therapies, and usually increases their efficacy. For many clients, Craniosacral may be “the missing link” in their treatment plans. If the body were a house, massage therapy would support the drywall, bricks, insulation, and plaster. Craniosacral Therapy would support the electricity, wiring, and plumbing.

During a Craniosacral session, the client lies on their back—unless injuries prevent them from doing so. With the client fully clothed, the practitioner observes the nervous system with a light touch—determining where abnormalities are causing dysfunction, pain, or discomfort. The session activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates the body’s “rest/digest” function. This generally leaves the client feeling highly relaxed, while also helping the body to reorganize and become reacquainted with its original functions.




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