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Mark’s work brings a combination of manual therapy, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, stretching, and sports recovery into his bodywork along with some of the firmest pressure in the clinic. 


If you need someone to put the power down, Mark’s here to help! His sports background and his education in both bodywork and personal training give Mark the expert tools he needs to provide highly customized treatment and maintenance plans. He’s ideal for any athlete looking to stay in top shape, especially bodybuilders, anyone trying to work through serious tension, and anyone who finds that most therapists aren’t able to give them a deep-enough session.


Mark discovered his passion for bodywork after going through his own injury recovery. He graduated from the National Holistic Institute and received his certification in 2016. Since then, he’s built up his professional knowledge at busy chiropractic offices and fitness centers. Mark enjoys supporting athletes with injury recovery, recurring issues, and maintenance to improve their performance and stability regardless of the sport, and when Mark isn’t doing bodywork, you’ll probably find him in the gym! He enjoys weight lifting and is always working hard for improvement. 


  • 30 Minutes: $120

  • 60 Minutes: $180

  • 90 Minutes: $265

  • Sports recovery (sport flush)

  • Deep Tissue

  • Myofascial therapy

  • Cross fiber, longitudinal gliding, friction

  • Trigger point

  • Active/passive/PNF stretching

  • Rock Pods cupping      

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