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Orthopedic massage is a manual approach to the treatment of numerous pain and injury conditions previously treated only with conventional, medical methods. Whether you are suffering from whiplash, a sprained ankle, tennis or golfers elbow, many types of impingement syndromes, or any type of tendonitis, orthopedic massage is often a holistic alternative to pills, injections or surgery.

Using specific assessment and evaluation skills, a Psoas practitioner will assess the nature of the soft tissue condition and make appropriate plans for effective treatment. Each client provides a unique presentation of the pain or injury condition; therefore we are always flexible in our approach. Often, treatment includes the use of multiple modalities to attain the desired goal.

Orthopedic techniques are particularly effective at breaking down excessive lesions or adhesions. Reduction in these adhesions aids in the restoration of broadened tissue required for normal movement. It also increases local blood supply to injured tissue, which reduces pain. More gentle work, applied in the early inflammatory phases of an injury increases circulation and the rate of healing. It is now generally recognized that manual orthopedic techniques applied at an injury site helps remodel immature and weak scar tissue into linearly arranged bundles of connective tissue.




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